Boot Snooze: Reboot and go into Standby automatically

I introduce Boot Snooze tool of Skwire Empire.

This little tool allows you to reboot your PC and then put into into Standby or Hibernate mode.

Description:  This simple app will:

  1. Give you a choice to reboot and go into standby or hibernation.
  2. It will then reboot your computer.
  3. After the reboot, a small dialog with a countdown timer will begin.
  4. After the timer is up, your computer will be put into the mode you chose.

Note: For hibernation to work, your computer must have “Enable hibernation” already checked under your Control Panel, Power Options, Hibernate tab.

Command line operation — REQUIRED parameters are:
mode=[reboot|suspend]     (‘reboot’ will reboot and then go to the hibernate/standby delay timer.  ‘suspend’ will skip the reboot and go straight to the hibernate/standby delay timer)
bdelay=#     (where # is the number of minutes to delay BEFORE rebooting)
adelay=#     (where # is the number of minutes to delay AFTER rebooting)

e.g.:   c:\path\to\BootSnooze.exe mode=reboot method=hibernate bdelay=0 adelay=5


Download Boot Snooze

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