Tools to Convert Webpage to PDF Document

The PDF format for documents was created by Adobe to facilitate easier sharing of rich text documents.

If you want to read a webpage offline or want to share a nice article you came across with your friends or family, then converting it to PDF might be a good option. This article talks about 4 awesome and free online tools that help you easily convert a webpage to PDF format.

1. Web2PDF

Web2PDF is a nice online tool to convert any webpage into PDF format. Just enter the URL of the site and click the “Convert to PDF” button. It converts the webpage into PDF and makes it available for download.


By default, Web2PDF saves the document in A4 size but you will find more options by clicking on the “options” button. There are various options available like images compression level, PDF page size, PDF page orientation, PDF document margins (mm), PDF document description, PDF security and references.


PDFMYURL.COM is another cool tool to convert a webpage into PDF. One unique feature of this service is its bookmarklet. You can drag it to your browser’s bookmark bar and use it when you want to convert the page you are browsing, into PDF. In the options panel you can set PDF size, PDF orientation, modify PDF content, look and feel.



HTM2PDF is an HTML to PDF converter that, as the name says, converts the HTML pages into PDF. After conversion, it displays the converted webpage in a small thumbnail. Just click the download button to download the PDF document on your computer. Bookmarklet is available for this service too.


4. HTML To PDF Converter

HTML to PDF converter is a free online tool to convert HTML to PDF document. Enter the URL of the website, click on “Make PDF” button. It will take few seconds to convert the document and the download starts automatically once the conversion is completed. No registration is required to use this tool.


Those were the 4 tools to convert web pages to PDF documents online.

Know of other such tools? Share them in the comments.


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