What is ‘Moe.exe’ ?

Moe.exe (Mesh Operating Environment) is the core syncing engine for the new Windows Live Sync Beta, as well as the older Live Mesh.  The new Live Sync is based on Mesh technology, and includes the same syncing engine.  This lets you synchronize folders between your computers and online storage at SkyDrive.  Even if you do not use Live Sync, you may have it installed if you installed the new Windows Live Essentials beta.

You may notice it consuming a fair amount of CPU resources while it is syncing your files or checking for changes.  Unfortunately, Live Sync currently is slightly resource intensive; hopefully performance will be improved before the final release.


You may notice some other processes related to Live Sync.  These include WLSync.exe, which is the user interface for Live Sync, and WLRemoteClient.exe, which will be running if you are connected to a remote computer via Live Sync.


To make sure your files stay synchronized whenever there are changes, moe.exe runs automatically at startup.  If you need to free up system resources, you can exit Live Sync from the tray.  Right-click the icon and select Exit.



Original Post: What is moe.exe and Why is it Running?

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