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The list of batch file renamers that we’ve covered is about to grow by one thanks to Advanced Renamer. So many of these apps accomplish the same kind of thing, but they all do it in a different fashion. We try to cover the best bulk file renamers so that you can choose for yourself which suits your needs.

Advanced Renamer has a lot of the features I’ve grown accustomed to… like real-time previews. As you stack up file renaming operations you’ll see a live preview of how the changes will affect the files it will be run against. Once you’ve used this feature in any file renamer it quickly becomes a must-have.

One of the more interesting aspects is the ability to change attributes of the files, such as date created/modified, read only status, or whether a file is hidden. You can also have it pull in EXIF data from images, ID3 tags from music files, or some other file attributes so that the information can be used in the renaming process.

Here are some of the other things Advanced Renamer supports:

· Undo functionality

· Real time preview of file rename

· MP3/ID3 renaming

· Regular expressions

· Image renaming with EXIF support

· Thumbnail view

· Supports both files and folders

· Several renaming methods

· Use multiple methods at once

· Tag rename

Advanced Renamer Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)

Advanced File Renamer

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