Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta is available, Download Now

Over the past few months Windows Phone Developer Tools releases (CTPs and Beta) are made available to developers to build application for new upcoming Windows Phone 7 operating system which may be RTM’d by this October and will be available in Stores by this Christmas.

All releases are being offered as web installer, that requires internet connection to download bootstrapper  for Windows Phone Developer Tools. And for few folks, it can be a trouble to get it on low-bandwidth connection. Unfortunately, the CTP Refresh only ships as a web download bootstrapper and not as a full install package that can be downloaded as a single package and installed offline without requiring Internet connectivity.

With the release of first beta of Windows Phone Developer Tools, Microsoft has provided an ISO image that can be burned to a CD and installed Offline.

The Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta includes the following:

· Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone Beta

· Windows Phone Emulator Beta

· Silverlight for Windows Phone Beta

· Microsoft Expression Blend for Windows Phone Beta

· XNA Game Studio 4.0 Beta

The web installer is still available and can be opted the most appropriate for you.

Windows Phone Developer Tools: Offline ISO Image [Size: 429.5MB] | Web Installer

You can find more resources, developer guides and books to learn key concepts for programming Windows Phones. Read More.

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